Rooster Soup Co. opened at 1526 Sansom St. a year ago, with the mission of donating its profits to Broad Street Ministry's Hospitality Collaborative, which helps the hungry in Center City.

Rooster is not a soup kitchen; it's a subterranean diner operated by Cook N Solo, whose other restaurant holdings include Zahav, Dizengoff, Abe Fisher, Goldie, and Federal Donuts.

Patrons are encouraged to donate a little extra with their meals.

A Rooster neighbor who turned 53 on Wednesday decided to go a step further, turning the tables on the notion of giving.

Her gift to herself was to buy lunch for 53 people.

Last year on Jan. 24, she bought lunch at Rooster for 52 people.

"Last year, she asked us to keep her good deed quiet," said Danielle Mulholland, the restaurant's communicators director, who said the woman wished to remain anonymous. She did not indicate the size of the total donation, but math suggests that it was about $1,000.

This year, Mulholland said, the woman wanted the 53 people to pay the notion forward.

Unaware of her gesture until they got their bill, the diners were given a card (below) that asked them to do something: making a donation to Broad Street Ministry, buying a One Step Away paper, "tackling something totally different that's been on their mind for some time, or enjoying the gift of the moment ​and just being happy.​"

Card handed out during lunch on Jan. 24 at Rooster Soup Co.
Card handed out during lunch on Jan. 24 at Rooster Soup Co.