Benjamin Moore, who won raves as chef at Wister BYOB in Old City, is out, as he said he wanted "to explore other opportunities." His last shift was Saturday, Jan. 20,.

Wister BYOB.
ELIZABETH ROBERTSON / Staff Photographer
Wister BYOB.

The restaurant will reopen Thursday, Jan. 25, said Wister general manager Emily Blewett, who gave a statement extending "a fond farewell" to Moore, "who dedicated more than a year of his considerable talent to our humble Old City restaurant."

"His time with us helped us evolve into the restaurant that we are today, and we wish him the success that we know will be his as he moves forward in his career."

No new chef was named.

Blewett said the menu would continue to focus on seasonal, seafood-focused cuisine.

Joe Scorscone opened the restaurant as 26 North BYOB in summer 2016 with chef Mike Stollenwerk at the stove.

The restaurant shuttered after Stollenwerk's departure eight months later, and was rebranded under Moore, who in his previous role oversaw the famous brunch at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse.