Chef Michael O'Halloran has occupied 7 N. Third St., just north of Market, for 13 years — first as the white-tablecloth Bistro 7 and for the last year as the casual Dos Rosas Taqueria.

But citing rising rent. he said he has chosen to close the restaurant rather than remain on a month-to-month lease. He said he was looking for a new location nearby.

"It wasn't [lack of] business," he said.

Soaring housing prices in Old City have inspired commercial landlords to raise their rents, he said, "but no one really knows what to charge."

On Thursday, he posted a sign on the door headlined, "The rent is too damn high!"

The text reads, "Due to increased rent, Dos Rosas will no longer operate at this location. I know, I know. We are sad about it, too. However, we have been working hard to find another Old City location, and expect to make an announcement soon. Follow us on Instagram or visit our website for updates. Thank you so much for your support over the past year! We can't wait too see you again."