Did you fall for Goldie's April Fool's prank?

I'd falafel if you did.

Steve Cook, an owner of Goldie, the Israeli-snack destinations in Center City and University City, is responsible for dropping a bombshell on social media.

"We have news," the first image showed, surprinted in black on a piece of matzo.

"On Sunday, April 1, we will fry our last balls," it continued, explaining that the shop would close after exactly one year.

"I'm surprised it lasted this long," Cook said. "It was originally just supposed to be a money-laundering scheme and then we decided to make it a longer-term pop-up."

Goldie’s Instagram post announcing its closing.
Goldie’s Instagram post announcing its closing.

The notice explained that the falafel shop would be converted into Matzeria, whose artisinal matzot would be "made from wheat grown in the basement and milled to order."

The missive ended with co-owner Mike Solomonov vowing to never again serve Goldie's popular tehina shakes.

Let's review: "Wheat grown in the basement"? The basement at Goldie's flagship location at 1526 Sansom St. is Rooster Soup Co. Hardly a wheat field. And who would mill wheat to order besides maybe Marc Vetri?

Reaction on Instagram to the unleavened levity was mixed. Most got the joke and LOL'd.

Others, well:

"This is cruel."

"When you scan this too fast and think it's legit."

"Not the milkshakes omg."

"Sweet Jesus!! We were about to cancel our weekend plans so we could come for one last tehina shake. This is not funny!!!"

The prank was unleashed Thursday to avoid potential conflict with Passover and Good Friday, a spokeswoman said.

In other April 1-related news, investigators are now probing allegations of money-laundering at CookNSolo. If convicted, they'd fry.