Here's a Phillies trade to talk about: They're trading away McFadden's and getting Shake Shack and several players to be named later.

Shake Shack — the New York-bred fast-casual burger stand — will be part of the lineup for the 2019 Phillies season at Citizens Bank Park, partly replacing the McFadden's sports bar, my sources tell me. There's no official word from the team.

While Shake Shack has concession stands in sports venues across the country — including one across the parking lot at the Wells Fargo Center — this outlet will have a larger footprint and will be part of what my sources call a redevelopment of the McFadden's space.

McFadden's, which opened in 2004 with the stadium, will close after the Oct. 7 Eagles game.

Expect multiple food and drink options at Citizens Bank Park next season — much as Xfinity Live does across the street.