For its first-ever roundup of America's Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants, the food publication Bon Appetit asked 80 people in various walks of life, including writers, actors, athletes, and chefs, to share the local spots they love the most.

The mag sought neighborhood restaurants that "feel specifically customized for you, and all the other regulars that return for that specific feeling of comfort you can never quite explain," a rep said. "The imperfections are part of the charm; the everydayness is precisely the allure."

Ben Simmons of the Sixers pays tribute to the long-running Fuji Mountain Japanese Restaurant at 2030 Chestnut St.:

"I can never pass up a shrimp tempura sushi roll with a side of edamame," he said. "Plus, I love the low-key vibe upstairs at night."

(We're not quite sure these days with whom Ben is low-key vibing with upstairs at night.)

The Atlantic City landmark Tony's Baltimore Grill, of which BA social-media manager Emily Schultz says: "When I think of Tony's, I think of red. Red-rimmed plates, red plastic baskets filled with crunchy-on-the-outside, pillowy-soft-on-the-inside Italian bread, and most importantly, the red sauce."

Colarusso’s Pizza in Clarks Summit, Pa. Skater Adam Rippon recommends “a slice of their thick-crust, garlicky white pizza with tomatoes.”

Zac Posen, the Bucks County-bred fashion designer, is partial to Liberty Hall Pizza in Lambertville, N.J.: “There’s a nice, happy simplicity to it: wood-fired pies in a small, colorful, welcoming place.”