With National Sandwich Day on Nov. 3, UberEATS has disclosed its list of the 10 sandwiches that its Philadelphia customers order most.

The list excludes hamburger and hot dogs. In UberEATS' estimation, they do not count as sandwiches.

The top-delivered sandwich is the McChicken from McDonald's, followed in order by cheesesteaks from Pat's, Joe's, Oregon Steaks, Larry's in Wynnefield, and Chickie's & Pete's.

I'll add a couple of asterisks. One: Uber, which did not release actual sales numbers, told me that it delivers from 97 McDonald's locations in the region, which skews any comparison between the fast-food giant and the smaller, mainly one-off cheesesteak shops. Two: If Uber opines that hamburgers and hot dogs are "not sandwiches," then how is a chicken sandwich – which simply swaps a deep-fried chicken patty for a possibly lovingly constructed burger – any more worthy of inclusion? Its position is that burgers are a category of their own. Sigh.

The list:

  • McChicken (McDonald's)

  • Cheesesteak (Pat's King of Steaks in South Philadelphia)

  • Cheesesteak (Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop in Fishtown)

  • Cheesesteak (Oregon Steaks in South Philadelphia)

  • Regular cheesesteak (Larry's Famous Steaks on 54th Street in Wynnefield)

  • Classic Cheesesteak (six Chickie's & Pete's locations)

  • Filet o Fish (McDonald's)

  • The Southern sandwich (Wishbone in Center City and University City)

  • Philly cheesesteak or chicken Philly (Wit or Witout in Northeast Philadelphia)

  • Fish hoagie (Sister Muhammad's Kitchen in Nicetown/Germantown)

Uber EATS says the most popular time to order sandwiches in Philadelphia is 11 a.m., and orders spike weekly on Sundays. It adds that its most expensive sandwich is the $19.95 lobster roll from Chickie's & Pete's.

For comparison: in Pittsburgh, the most popular time to order sandwiches is 6 p.m, with orders spiking weekly on Fridays.