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House of Hardcore 8 results and observations

It was an entertaining night of wrestling at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia Saturday night, as Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore promotion presented the eighth chapter in its brief history.

It was a night of surprises, tributes and most importantly, good matches. Here are the full match results from Saturday along with some observations from each contest:

PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel) def. Brian Myers (formerly Curt Hawkins)

This was a pretty decent match between two former WWE superstars. Myers came out with a Mets-inspired t-shirt and drew instant heat from the Phillies fans in attendance.

The match itself served its purpose. Gabriel is still relatively new to the independent scene after quitting WWE not that long ago and received a warm reception before and after the match.

Amazing Red def. Matt Striker

Here was match between two people I haven't seen in the ring in quite some time. Once again, the match was pretty much standard fare. Striker used his size to dictate the pace and used any amount of down time to draw some form of heat from the fans.

Amazing Red his quickness and agility to get in offense and eventually won the match. Once again, nothing out of the ordinary here, just two veterans putting in some good work and getting the job done. Striker's argyle shorts did not get the done, however. Those things were hideous.

Alex Reynolds def. JT Dunn

Although I've never seen either one of these guys wrestle in person, I do know that they've worked for a number of independent promotions around the country. Both Alex Reynolds and JT Dunn put on very good performances during their time in the ring and showcased a lot of talent.

Hopefully, these two can make bigger names for themselves on the independents. The indie scene could always use some new stars to create some fresh matches.

Rhino def. Eddie Kingston

Fresh off his surprise appearance on NXT, Rhino received one of the bigger ovations of the night for his match against Eddie Kingston.

As with the matches that came before it, this was pretty much standard fare — good, solid wrestling that told a decent story and entertained the fans.

Team Tremendous (Dan Berry & Bill Carr) & Tony Nese def. Ben Ortiz, Hale Collins & Vik Delicious

The only person I had heard of coming into this match was Tony Nese, so I wasn't expecting much. But this turned out to be one of the more fun matches of the night.

Firstly, Team Tremendous arrested the referee for contraband and ejected him. Why a referee would have a big bag of marijuana on him while in the ring is beyond me.

Since Team Tremendous ejected the first official, there was a need for a second. Well, it just so happened there was another handy in the form of Extreme Championship Wrestling legend Mikey Whipwreck, who came out to a grand ovation.

There was some good action during the match, including a series of dives to the outside of the ring from Team Tremendous and Nese. For whatever reason, Whipwreck took it upon himself to a dive as well. Although it didn't make a ton of sense for the special guest referee to do one, it was still pretty cool to see Whipwreck still be able to do it.

After the match, the members of the winning team paid homage to Whipwreck for his work in ECW and for the number of wrestlers he trained that are now known commodities in the industry. There was a video package played in honor of Whipwreck, which he followed with a heartfelt speech.

Matt Hardy def. Lance Hoyt & Carlito

He was a match between three guys that used to work for the WWE, but also have made good careers for themselves since leaving the Stamford, Conn. umbrella.

Lance Hoyt, one half of the Killer Elite Squad, came out with his GHC Tag Team Championship as just another symbol to his success since leaving WWE.

The match itself was pretty good. This was the most hardcore match to this point, as steel chairs and a ladder were used.

The running story through this one was Matt Hardy and Carlito attempting to work together to beat down Hoyt, but consistently falling to the temptation to turn on each other.

The Dudley Boys def. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian)

This was the first match after the intermission, but before the match got started, former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts jumped into the ring to cut a promo.

For whatever reason, the fans in attendance gave Roberts a real hard, despite the fact he did everything he could to get on their good side. There was even a man holding up a child while it gave Roberts an obscene gesture.

Somehow, Roberts maintained his composure and eventually got the fans on his side when he began talking about how much he was tired of the WWE and how it presented the same stuff every single week.

He talked about how the fans were being robbed by the WWE and that the fans deserved better. He said they were getting that at House of Hardcore.

After finally getting the fans on his side, Roberts did the ring announcing for the rest of the night.

Now, the match itself was a pretty wacky affair. The Addiction started off beating the daylights out of the Dudleys and eventually cut a promo about how they were going to end the their careers.

The Dudleys eventually recovered and won the match. After the match, former TNA wrestler Velvet Sky took the microphone and admonished TNA for firing her. She then thanked the fans for always supporting her.

Tommy Dreamer def. Eric Young

Before the match started, Eric Young cut a promo about how he was going to end Tommy Dreamer and admonished the fans for even cheering for him. Velvet Sky's promo combined with Young's helped TNA draw the ire of fans in attendance.

The match itself was exactly what you would expect from one involving Dreamer in 2015: it was hardcore, it was violent and everything looked painful. Dreamer used a number of weapons the fans brought to the show, including a stop sign and someone's cane.

Dreamer eventually got hold of a cheese grater and took it to Young's forehead. This was the only point of the show that showcased blood.

Despite having his head turned into cheese, Young found a way to pick up the win thanks to some help from fellow TNA wrestler Ethan Carter III.

After the match, the lights went out. When they came back on, Rey Mysterio was in the ring and helped Dreamer dispose of Young and Carter.

Mysterio then picked up a microphone and talked about how good it felt to be back in Philadelphia and back in front fans in general.

The Young Bucks def. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

As usual, the Young Bucks were very, very over with the fans in attendance. Bullet Club shirts were in abundance, which is the case at almost every show the Young Bucks are taking part in.

As for the match, it was quite entertaining. All four men are still in their athletic primes and are capable of putting on high-quality outings. Saturday night was no different.

Eventually, the Young Bucks cordially invited Aries and Roode to the super kick party and picked up the win.

After the match, both teams shook hands and were eventually joined by the Sandman, who came with a case of beer in tow. The two teams and Sandman shared a couple of adult beverages and that's the show ended.