Just distilled beets

I dipped my nose into a snifter of B, got an earthy blast of salad bar aromas, and knew immediately it was something different. Is this brandy-ish creation from Lansdale the world's first eau de beet? You bet it's beets (100 percent) and it's much better than you'd ever expect. I realize for most that's a pretty low bar. And it could just be my Eastern European DNA talking. But there's something so vividly crimson sweet and vegetal in the jetstream of this crystal-clear liquor that it's like inhaling the spirit of fresh borscht. What's just as impressive, though, is the rich glycerin mouthfeel that lends a round, even buttery, texture, with just a faint afterburn of alcoholic spice, that makes it eminently drinkable. Only hardcore beet lovers are likely to want it straight. But the blending possibilities are grand in this farm-to-cocktail era. Either way, it'll make you want to snack on pickles. - Craig LaBan
B beet brandy, Boardroom Spirits, $29.99 for 375 ml bottle, boardroomspirits.com