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Michael Klein
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Alice: Rome's pizza al taglio comes to Center City

Alice is the first American offshoot of Domenico Giovannini's celebrated pizza al taglio shops in Rome.

Pizza al taglio from Alice is cut from sheets.
Pizza al taglio from Alice is cut from sheets.Read moreMICHAEL KLEIN / Staff

The name of the pizzeria that soft-opened Monday on the corner of 15th and Locust Streets is spelled A-l-i-c-e, but you pronounce it the Italian way, ah-lih-che.

Alice — which drew crowds on Day 1 — is the first American offshoot of Domenico Giovannini's celebrated Roman pizza al taglio shops. Giovannini gives his dough a 48-hour rise with limited yeast, and uses custom ovens. The pizza is light and easily digestible.

Business starts in the morning with Italian pastries, espresso, and gelato from the nearby Gran Caffe L'Aquila.

Management has wisely stationed employees up front to explain the ordering system.

You line up for pizza, taking a number much as you would at a deli. The nearly two dozen varieties of topped rectangular pizzas are cut to order and sold by the ounce; figure on $4 to $5 a slice.

(The pizzas, at least, are similar to the well-received Rione, which opened last spring at 102 S. 21st St.)

Alice has a bar on the far side of the counter, dispensing wines, Italian beers, Aperol spritzes, and the like.

At dinnertime, you can order off a light menu — specialties include pastas priced under $20.

Soft-opening hours are in flux.