The idea isn't revolutionary: The Vietnamese have long grilled food on sugar cane. But Seasoned Skewers take the game to another level. We had great success grilling cubes of pork, apples and onions on the honey-bourbon-flavored sticks. (Also in garlic-herb, citrus-rosemary, and Thai coconut-lime.)

- Rick Nichols
Seasoned Skewers, $8.99 for 10,, at area Kitchen Kapers stores, and Grocery, 101 S. 13th St., 215-922-5252.

Tender times three

Calphalon, whose pots we love, is launching a line of gadgets: peelers, can openers, graters, seed removers, zesters, and this nifty three-way tenderizer. It has three separate surface textures, for pounding cutlets, steaks or tough cuts you'll stew or braise - and a soft-touch handle to ward off blisters.

- Dianna Marder
Calphalon three-way tenderizer, $12.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond or at

Meyer Lemons

in a Bottle

The season for Meyer lemons is so fleeting, it's about time someone thought to bottle the refreshing juice. This concentrated beverage elixir is great for cocktails or plain old-fashioned lemonade. Also available in other tempting flavors, including Mango Mamba and Cranberry Tangerine.

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Earth & Vine Beverage Elixir, $10 for 17 ounces, at 888-723-8463 or