Got fish phobia? Aliza Green's Field Guide to Seafood is a pocket guide to selecting and preparing varieties from bass to beltfish, skate and shad. This latest in a series of Field Guides by Green, a Philadelphia food writer and James Beard award winner, has a helpful glossary, color photos and detailed instructions.

- Dianna Marder

Field Guide to Seafood by Aliza Green, $15.95 from Quirk books, or local bookstores.

Reese's Cup Redux

B.T. McElrath, an award-winning chocolatier, has a new seasonal line of chocolates that includes an upscale update on an old favorite: the peanut butter cup. Coated in a thick layer of European dark chocolate, its center is filled with a creamy blend of white chocolate and natural peanut butter.

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Peanut butter pavé, $10 for a sleeve of five, available at Scarlett Alley, 241 Race St., 215-592-7898, or

Big Flavor, Budget Price

Wegmans is offering its first fresh-pressed, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil, imported from Italy under its own label. The taste is robust and peppery, especially for the price. Since it's seasonal, there is a limited supply.

- M.F

Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $7.99 for a 16.9-ounce bottle, at Wegmans stores.