"Fruit sushi. You mean rice with fruit?" she asked.

"I mean rice, fruit and seafood," I replied.

In their bid to be different, sushi chefs will put out such experiments.

At Misso in Center City, Alex Long tucks kiwi in with asparagus, avocado and yellowtail in his Area 51 roll. Margaret Kuo's angel roll includes julienned green apple with white seaweed.

At Wild Ginger, the pan-Asian BYOB in Justa Farm Shopping Center in Huntingdon Valley, the color angel roll is a riot of salty and sweet flavors as banana and eel meld in soybean paper, topped with caviar. A recent special, a tropical mango roll, was filled with shrimp and avocado and topped with a chunky mango sauce. What you see here is a Valentine roll, which envelops white tuna, mango and lettuce in rice paper, with a strawberry garnish.

Fruit sushi ($11.50) at Wild Ginger, 1928 County Line Rd., Huntingdon Valley, 215-364-3960.

- Michael Klein