Wiener schnitzel?


How about rabbit schnitzel, hot and crispy, served beneath a cold vegetable salad that's topped with green goddess dressing and an edible flower?

Mitch Prensky, chef and co-owner of Supper on South Street, was thinking about the classic Italian Milanese salad while conjuring up a warm-weather recipe for rabbit, which he says has the right flavor profile to pair with a cold salad.

Tenderized rabbit thighs are marinated with duck confit and then sous-vide cooked for six hours. The thighs are breaded, fried and served under shaved artichoke, shaved fennel, multicolor carrots, pea shoots, snow peas, radishes, and goat cheese dollops with crème fraiche, and - for a retro touch - green goddess dressing. - Michael Klein

Rabbit schnitzel ($17) at Supper, 926 South St., 215-592-8180.