The big guys are finally catching on that consumers want better-tasting, lower-calorie, higher-fiber alternatives to sandwich bread. Pepperidge Farm offers these 100-calorie flat rolls: good toasted with hummus or grilled for paninis. Available in whole wheat, oatmeal, and seven grain.

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats, $3.19 for a package of 8 sliced rolls, at local supermarkets.

Beer book

If you need a beer primer to keep up with the crew at the latest gastropub (and who doesn't in brew-crazy Philly?), turn to a new book from local writer Lynn Hoffman for a tasty draft of advice. The Short Course in Beer (Künati) may come as a surprise from Hoffman, a noted wine writer. But beer has been his longtime interest, too, and he approaches the subject with an academic thoroughness, from the technical to the cultural, without ever getting too dry. It may be a pint-sized primer, but it's also thirst-quenchingly smart.

- Craig LaBan

"The Short Course in Beer" (Künati), by Lynn Hoffman costs $18.95 on

Sunshine nectar

Citrus notes mark this 100 percent pure honey, made from bees that have pollinated Florida orange blossoms. The flavor is perfect for summer baking, or for sweetening lemonade, iced tea, or even a light vinaigrette.

- M.F.

Savannah Bee Company Orange Blossom Honey, $11.99 for 12.6 ounces, at Severino Pasta Company, 110 Haddon Avenue, Westmont, 856-854-7666, or at