Toast the time

Champagne flutes are a great last-minute Christmas gift, and, of course, we're just days away from welcoming 2010. We suggest these beauties from Crate & Barrel: The Adrienne flute ($8.95) is oval; the Edge ($11.95), rectangular; and the Paloma ($9.95), pointed.

- Dianna Marder

Handblown glass champagne flutes, $8.95 to $11.95 at; 800-996-9960.

Sushi made easy

The intimidating task of making sushi at home is surprisingly easy with this kit from Annie Chun - even kids can do it. It comes with microwaveable sticky white rice, 12 individual wraps, and soy sauce. All you need is the filling - vegetables, fish, scrambled eggs. A great appetizer or after-school snack (activity included).

- Elizabeth LaBan
Annie Chun's Sushi Wraps,

$4.49 at Superfresh, 1851 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd., 215-467-7700.