A taste

of the season

White chocolate and peppermint remind us of Christmas, and now Pretzel Crisps, exceptionally thin, flat-baked pretzels made year-round in toasted cinnamon, peanut butter, and Tuscan Three Cheese flavors, are available in white chocolate and peppermint. Low-cal and fat-free.

Pretzel Crisps White Chocolate Peppermint, $3.99/5-ounce bag. Available at most area supermarkets.

- Dianna Marder

Take it to the table

This age of eco concerns (economy and ecology) finds more of us opting for glass instead of plastics, refilling in lieu of replacing, and drinking tap instead of store-bought water. For style, price and utility, nothing beats these Giara Hermetic glass bottles, shown here in lime green.

Giara Hermetic Glass Bottles by Bormioli Rocco, $9 at www.organize.com or 800-600-9817.

- D.M.