The old "good and good for you" concept gets an appealing update from twins Kriti and Kunal Sehgal at Pure Fare, their locally sourced, organic grab-and-go cafe that focuses on salads, soups, and sandwiches - plus the first local coffee bar to feature Blue Bottle beans from San Francisco.

All items are under 500 calories - with trackable nutritional data for those who obsess enough to sign onto Pure Fare's proprietary software. The lunch crowd, meanwhile, positively bustles with Penn students in yoga pants, nibbling away at kale salads and muffins made with quinoa flour.

Some recipes still need work, but I enjoyed the "naked" falafel salad topped with free-form crumbles of (unfried) falafel, and an earthy wheat-berry and kale salad sparked with sweet cubes of beet and squash.

For an added jolt of decadence to all that virtue, try a milky sweet iced coffee spiked Nola- style with a twang of chicory.

Wheat-berry salad, $6, Nola iced coffee, $3.75, Pure Fare, 119 S. 21st St., 267-318-7441;

- Craig LaBan