Chic stuff 

Fight plastic bag pollution with a European air. French shoppers have been carrying these baskets to market for more than a hundred years, and they still make sense. The 12-by-18-inch size means it can carry your bread and veggies safely home from market. Handwoven in Morocco from palm leaves, with sturdy leather handles riveted on.

Original French Market Basket, $37 at Quel Objet, 877-762-4499 or

              - Dianna Marder

Flatbread, hold the gluten

Kristen Ippolito makes hot dog buns, muffins, onion-poppy seed rolls, and sweet treats at her Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery in Lancaster, but we were especially taken with the taste and texture of her flatbread. Finally, a gluten-free bread that doesn't make you feel like you're doing without. Try it lightly toasted, too.

Gluten-free flatbread, $6 for pack of four at Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery, 614 Fourth St., Lancaster, Pa. 17603; 717-330-4359; and closer to home in Center City, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore; details at

              - D.M.