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My Daughter's Kitchen: Chicken Fajitas

Here is an excerpt from the blog "My Daughter's Kitchen."

No one can say I did not try. I spent an entire afternoon giving my children a lesson in what I would like for my Mother's Day meal. But did I get miso-marinated cod with mushroom risotto? Of course not. Since my oldest son was the only one able to make it home, my husband pitched in. And what did they make? Chicken fajitas.

Well, I do love chicken fajitas. And Tim added his first blog post.

Tim: My mom asked me to take over blogging duties for my sister who is heading to medical school in July (congratulations Sally!) So moving forward, as a 27-year-old male, I will be contributing to this blog … We may want to rethink the title.

As promised, I came home for Mother's Day … the only child to come home, I might add. Although, with a brother at Princeton and now, a sister in medical school, I think it's safe to say I'm still comfortably in 3d place. After the leafy, green pea sauce last week, I wasn't sure what to expect for the meal, but my dad and I decided on fajitas, my mom's favorite.

And I was thrilled. We marinated the chicken with a lime sauce and some onions and peppers (I'm not sure what was in the lime sauce, the Phillies were on). It had to marinate for 2 hours, during which I took full advantage of my parents' recliner and 50-inch TV to watch two episodes of FX's Justified, that show is legit. Next, we baked the fajitas for about 20 minutes, and, then my mom gave me the most import job … making gin and tonics. Bluecoat gin, some top-shelf tonic water, and we were in business. When the chicken was done baking we grilled it outside for a few minutes on each side. While the chicken grilled we sautéed the peppers and onions on the stove top. My dad made guacamole (his first time and it was not bad!) And we were ready to rock-and-roll. Well, except for the fact that we had to wait 20 minutes for Mom to photograph the food. Really, Inquirer? No photographer? Other than that, the food turned out delicious and the gin and tonics went down easy. All in all, a great Mother's Day.

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