What we like:

When the Villanova Family Diner closed in March 2005, its customers mourned. But now the family restaurant is back - in Paoli. It reopened Oct. 11 where Pizzeria Uno used to be. The menu of soups, burgers and comfort food is the same. The waitstaff is mostly the same. Changes from the old site at Routes 320 and 30 include the mustard-and-maroon decor, spacious booths, and the view.

The diner offers moussaka, a dish of potato, eggplant and ground beef in a white cream sauce, for $11.50. Spinach pie served with a Greek salad costs $10.50. The dishes echo the heritage of owners Nick Petropoulos and John Maltas, both of Delaware County.

Petropoulos says a good diner caters to all types. Some come to sip coffee for $1.15. Others want a full-fledged meal like chicken parmesan, with pasta and soup or salad, for $12.75.

For children 12 and under, the diner serves items like grilled cheese and french fries, with beverage and dessert, for $5.75.

One vignette from the old Villanova Diner sheds light on the service. A child asked for a burger sliced horizontally and put in a roll. Sure enough, out came a very thin patty in a hamburger roll. The child was pleased, the mother relieved. That family may show up at the Paoli location.

Where: 1676 E. Lancaster Ave., Paoli; 610-725-8100.

Hours: Open seven days a week, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. - Bonnie L. Cook