Q: When I was traveling in Europe, I noticed that some of the hotels used twin beds pushed together to make a bigger bed. I want to set up my guest room that  way, because I have a lot of visitors who are friends but not necessarily a couple who would be fine sharing the room but not necessarily the bed. When I do have guests who are a couple, I can push the beds together. Would a king-size fitted sheet go over two twins side by side? Or is it easy to find bedding that would work for this? Any other thoughts of what else I should do?

A: This is a very good idea for a versatile guest room. And just in time for the holidays, too. Traveling is such a great way to find inspiration and ideas, so thank you for sharing yours. I've gotten  some of my best ideas while on vacation.

Look for twin-bed mattresses and bedding in the extra-length size, which is the same length as most king mattresses. The additional length will be more comfortable for adults, especially if they are tall. When the beds are pushed together, the gap between the two mattresses can be odd, so fill it with a mattress-connecting product, which goes underneath the bedding. Some kits include straps or hook-and-loop systems to help prevent the mattresses from sliding apart.

Most of the time, I bet, you'll keep the beds in one configuration or another. In reality, buying and keeping track of two complete sets of bedding for your guest room, from the mattress protectors, pads, sheets sets, blankets, and comforters could be a hassle, unless you have lots of storage space. It's fun coming up with all the different options, but be really honest with yourself. Most couples would probably be OK in separate beds for a night or two.

And double-check the dimensions of your combined mattresses. Sheets vary a lot in dimensions. For a luxurious touch, and to simplify the pillow options, buy king-size pillows, which will look great on the beds as twins or together. Large Euro-style pillows (the big square ones) can stand in for headboards without anything attached to the wall.

If you're not likely to move the beds much, place a single large nightstand between the two beds. Or use two smaller ones next to each other, and move one to either side of the bigger bed option for a complete and classic guest-bedroom look.

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