Q: Just bought an older condo. We want to redo the bathroom, but we are fighting over how high the counter should be. I'm just 5 feet tall and my boyfriend is 6'2". Please help us figure this out!

— M & P

A: Congratulations on your new condo, and, oh, goodness, I wish there was an adjustable countertop for bathrooms. It's so hard to make everyone happy.

Traditional vanity heights in older homes range from 30 to 32 inches up from the floor. The modern trend is toward higher vanities, up to around 36 inches. For reference, that's the standard counter height for kitchens.

Benefits of these higher vanities include more storage space under the sink, a more comfortable height for hygiene, and a modern look. The downsides include making shorter people feel uncomfortable, and, in small bathrooms in particular, a look that might seem out of scale.

If you're using a vessel-type sink (which looks like a bowl sitting on top of the counter), consider making the counter itself low, so the top edge of the sink is around 36 inches high.

But it should all come down to what makes you comfortable. A lot of people compromise and make the vanity 34 inches high. If you have room for two sinks, you could have one higher and one lower to suit each of you. Or, if you have two bathrooms in your place, you could have each counter at different heights.

Visit a kitchen/bath design showroom, home improvement store, or even a furniture store and pretend to brush your teeth over the table heights to get an idea what might work for you both.

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