Even if the family pet can't go along on the trip, or even if there is no family pet, the kids (ages 4 to 8) will enjoy making the little animals that populate Playmobil's Pet Clinic Playset feel all better. The company's popular playsets open on hinges, revealing a themed stage set. In this case there's a furnished and decorated two-story dollhouse-like pet clinic, with exam room, toy surgical equipment and monitors, recovery cages and medicine holders. "Patients" include puppies, kittens, and a bunny. The set includes a uniformed vet and lab technician and a mom and kid visiting their ailing kitty. Of course, children can add whatever other little creatures and people they like. All the pieces stash inside the "clinic," which latches shut and has a carrying handle.

Playmobil Pet Clinic Playset is $39.99 at www.toysrus.com; 1-800-869-7787.