Neoprene has long been a good friend of water-sports enthusiasts. The thickish stretchy rubber material is lightweight yet insulating. But why restrict it to wet use? The answer from a company called Nufoot is landlubber neoprene footwear that falls somewhere between a slipper and a heavy sock - with anti-skid soles. These might be just the ticket for airport lounges, long flights, and workouts, not to mention beach walks. So far, the footwear comes in two styles, a Mary Jane shoe in women's sizes, and an ankle bootie in men's sizes. Go for black or mix it up with bright colors or racing stripes. Neoprene can be tightish, so go up a size if your feet like space. Also, this is not for those with rubber allergies. But I like the idea of an amphibious shoe that takes a walk in the rain in stride.

- Judi Dash