Name: Stamp app.

What it does: The app posts "stamps" of travel tips from around the world. Each stamp includes a photo, a description written by the traveler, and a pin on a map. Travelers can browse for travel tips before embarking on a journey or from wherever they happen to be.

Available: In the App Store, requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Cost: Free.

What's hot: It's a simple way to share travel tips before, during, and after a journey. You can get a feel for the app and stamps in the Home section, where there is a live feed. Use the "Explore" icon in the bottom navigation bar if you want to look for travel tips or "stamps" from a specific location. If it doesn't have one for the exact location, you'll see the next closest stamp with the number of miles it is from your search request. If you want to keep a stamp, click on the peach-colored bucket with a star on it. Doing that will start your bucket list, which you can find in the "My Passport" section. The pins will show you the exact location the stamp was referring to.

What's not: I wish I could make lists within my bucket list so I could keep them for a trip. I also would like one of those networking tools within the app so I could see whether any of my friends from Facebook, email, or Twitter were using it. Then it would be easier to build a "Friends" list.