Most smartphones can take such high-quality photos that many travelers no longer bother to take along a separate camera.  A company called Pixter has introduced a pack of four compact specialty lenses that clip onto any smartphone, making for a wider range of sharp shots than your phone camera could capture solely using apps.

The Pixter Pro Pack includes a wide-angle lens that doubles the field of view so you can capture landscapes, groups of people, and monuments or other sites behind the people.  A 238-degree super fish-eye lens brings in nearly everything in front of and around you for creative shots that, by necessity, usually distort perspective, but often with  fun results.  A 10X macro lens lets nature lovers get detail-rich close-ups of flowers, insects, and whatever else beckons. A telephoto lens brings the view twice as close, providing far crisper shots than you would get by using the zoom function on the phone's camera app.

The lenses all come with front and back lens caps; they are organized in a padded travel case along with an interchangeable clip-on device, a microfiber cloth, and a carry pouch. The lenses also can be bought individually, but the pack's a much better deal, and makes a fabulous gift.

Pixter Pro Pack Clip-on Lens Kit for Smartphones lists for about $155 (lenses are about $55 apiece) but may be available for less online. Pixter also makes less expensive, less precise lenses and packs. Info at