Incumbent Democrat Larry Krasner cast his vote Tuesday morning at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Center City. His opponent in the race for Philadelphia district attorney is Republican Chuck Peruto, a former Democrat and one-time Krasner supporter.

After casting his ballot, Krasner addressed the sometimes rocky relationship he’s had with the city and its police department due in part to his deemphasis on prosecutions for nonviolent crimes. In September, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said she and Krasner “just don’t agree” on how to reduce the city’s record gun violence.

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“Certainly there are people within the police department, especially within the [Fraternal Order of Police Lodge president] leadership, that are not with us,” Krasner said. “I am proud to say I am not with the Proud Boys. If [FOP lodge president] John McNesby wants to be with the Proud Boys, then I’m not with John McNesby.”

Krasner was referring to a 2020 party hosted by Lodge 5 of the Fraternal Order of Police following former Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Philadelphia, where members of the Proud Boys — designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a right-wing “hate group” — mingled with police officers in and out of uniform. McNesby later condemned the Proud Boys in a statement after the Inquirer reported about their attendance at the party.

“We all have to have standards,” Krasner added. “My standards do not include brutality, they do not include racism, they do not include breaking the law while you wear a badge. That’s not a problem for good cops.”

“Larry Krasner is once again misleading voters and running away from his failed policies as District Attorney,” McNesby said in a statement following Krasner’s comments. “Murders and violent crime are up and the sitting DA’s top priority remains to demonize rank and file police officers and the FOP so he can win re-election.”

Krasner has refused to debate or otherwise engage with Peruto, calling it a “waste of time.”

Staff writer Chris Palmer contributed to this report.