The 76ers are exploring the possibility of building a new arena at Penn’s Landing.

As the Delaware River Waterfront Corp. considers the Sixers’ and other development proposals, the idea of a basketball arena on the waterfront — with potential city and state tax breaks to help finance it — has elicited strong reactions both in support and opposition.

Here’s how some elected officials and other stakeholders view the proposal:

“I’ve taken great pains and great pride in staying outside of these kinds of considerations without weighing in myself or putting a thumb on the scale for any particular developer in any particular development proposal process. I trust DRWC and their process to come up with the best recommendations and we’ll see what that is.”

— Mayor Jim Kenney

“What I liked about it is Philadelphia has to think big and think bold. We need economic opportunity.”

— U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans (D., Phila.)

“My gut reaction is it would be an absurd use of precious waterfront land and is in no way consistent with the larger vision of giving citizens greater access to the riverfront.”

— U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle (D., Phila.)

“I’m open to a conversation with anyone who wants to invest in communities of color. But I am only open if these are serious investments — we have to be bigger than just buzzwords.”

— City Councilmember Isaiah Thomas

“I think a bunch of billionaire investors looking for a tax handout could take a break from lobbying us and focus on the actual priorities of this city. A publicly funded sports stadium ranks about nowhere on that list.”

— Councilmember Helen Gym

“There is not a project that shouldn’t be looked at because it is too hard. Don’t just exclude things because they might be too large or at the initial request it looks like a heavy lift.”

— Councilmember Mark Squilla

“It’s inconceivable to me that anyone would fail to consider a potential plan that could possibly create good union jobs for people who have been left out of the economic equation.”

— Councilmember Cherelle Parker

“This proposal is truly a waste of that precious natural resource and will once again impede the ability of people to reconnect with their river.”

— Maya van Rossum, leader of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network

“In a city where there is already too much wall-to-wall concrete and development, people want more places to enjoy increased access to the riverfront. And this goes counter to that process.”

— David Masur, executive director of Penn Environment

The area of Penn's Landing where the Sixers are exploring the possibility of building a new arena.
JOHN DUCHNESKIE / Staff Artist / Google Earth
The area of Penn's Landing where the Sixers are exploring the possibility of building a new arena.