I guess it’s time for Patrick Mahomes to chat with Troy Aikman.

Aikman and his longtime Fox Sports broadcast partner Joe Buck shined calling the Kansas City Chiefs’ come-from-behind win over the San Francisco 49ers during Super Bowl LIV in Miami Sunday night. It was the duo’s sixth Super Bowl together on Fox — the most by one pair for one network (though Pat Summerall and John Madden called a total of eight Super Bowls together, five for CBS and three for Fox).

Throughout the night, Aikman’s analysis was informative but not overbearing, and he was at his best explaining why the Chiefs offense sputtered through the first three quarters. The former Cowboys quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer also wasn’t afraid to criticize both teams, whether it was Mahomes’ poor play outside the fourth quarter or 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan’s head-scratching decision not to use any timeouts leading up to halftime.

“You’re not going to get a better call of a game than the one Buck and Aikman gave you in Super Bowl LIV,” wrote Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina.

But months ago, Aikman fired off an uncharastically snarky tweet in response to a comment made on the Athletic’s Time’s Ours podcast. During a September episode, co-host Joshua Brisco pointed out that Mahomes had already thrown 36% of Aikman’s career touchdowns in just 8% of the games.

“Talk to me when when he has 33% of my Super Bowl Titles,” Aikman shot back in a tweet that caught a lot of attention.

Aikman won three Super Bowls during his 12-year career with the Cowboys. With his MVP performance Sunday night, Mahomes has won one, which if I’m doing the math correctly is 33% of Aikman’s titles.

Brisco, who is also a co-host on Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City, barely waited until the end of the game to remind the internet of Aikman’s comment.

It wasn’t the only viral tweet Aikman sent last season. In September, he posted a profanity-laced message ripping a widely derided Andrew Luck hot take by his Fox Sports colleague Doug Gottlieb. The message drew so much attention that it earned Aikman a few calls from his bosses at the network.

“They respected the fact that I was honest. They did not like that I would say something about the company,” Aikman said on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. “I understand that, and I appreciate the way that they discussed it with me.”

A couple of high-profile Super Bowl mistakes

While there didn’t appear to be as many media miscues as previous Super Bowls, there were a couple of high-profile flubs, led by the commander-in-chief.

Among the most widely shared missteps of the evening was President Donald Trump’s geographically challenged tweet following the Chiefs’ win, which moved the team from Missouri to the neighboring state of Kansas. After seemingly the entire internet pounced on the mistake, Trump deleted the tweet and posted a corrected version.

CBS News also blew it on Twitter by congratulating the Chiefs’ for their first Super Bowl victory, forgetting the team defeated the Minnesota Vikings way back in Super Bowl IV, in a game made famous by then-head coach Hank Stram’s “just keep matriculating the ball down the field, boys” comment.

Quick hits

• The best thing you’ll read today following the Super Bowl is my colleague Jeff McLane’s piece on the Reid family and their late son, Garrett:

Tammy said she wore a ring on Sunday her children had once given her in honor of Garrett. When the others had married, they each gave her one, she explained, but they had decided at some point that she should have one for Garrett, as well. She wore the sapphire-encrusted piece along with her wedding rings.

• Eagles center Jason Kelce was sporting one of 94.1 WIP’s “Andy Reid Appreciator” shirts when he celebrated the Chiefs’ win with his brother, tight end Travis Kelce, thrilling everyone at the station except morning show host (and non-Andy Reid appreciator) Angelo Cataldi.

• How delayed was the Super Bowl’s television broadcast on Fox? According to this video shared by Dr. David Chao, the former team doctor of the San Diego Chargers, about 34 seconds.