Carson Wentz

👎 -- The Eagles quarterback had a few solid drives and a few glimpses of his former glory. But he once again missed open receivers with his arm and eyes, held the ball too long, and threw an interception at the worst time possible.

Darius Slay

👎 -- Slay deserves props for doing a Zoom conference call with reporters following what he called the worst game of his NFL career. It wasn’t good, but it’s not like he was going up against some chump or that he didn’t battle. Still, DK Metcalf’s 10 catches for 177 yards were killers.

Doug Pederson

👎 -- His play-calling continues to lack imagination. The Jalen Hurts in-and-out deal just looks like desperation at this point. And his decision to go for it on fourth and four, down two scores, wasn’t egregious, but of course, it failed. Pederson looks like a dead coach walking.

Derek Barnett

👍 -- He has been inconsistent this season, but the end’s early fire was emblematic of the Eagles defense. Barnett notched a tackle for loss when the Seahawks went for it on fourth down at the 2 on their first drive, and a sack on another fourth down try a series later.

Jalen Reagor

👎 -- He caught a few bubble screens, but Reagor has been virtually non-existent down the field since returning from injury. Some of the blame falls on Wentz, but the rookie receiver isn’t getting enough separation.

Jake Elliott

👎 -- A missed extra point here or there happens, but Elliott hooked a short field goal earlier in the season and his PAT pull against the Seahawks took a little off the Eagles’ attempted comeback.

Jim Schwartz

👍 -- His defense has played sound football over the last month. The first few outings came against average-to-below-average quarterbacks, but Russell Wilson is no joke, and the Eagles kept him relatively in check.

Miles Sanders

👎 -- It’s not much his fault Pederson abandons the run every second half. Sanders had only six carries the entire game. But the running back does deserve blame for the dropped passes. He’s got to do better there.

Alshon Jeffery over Travis Fulgham

👎 -- Why is Jeffery even on this roster? It boggles the mind. For one, it’s a constant reminder of the terrible contract Howie Roseman gave the receiver. But for the terribly-slow and old Jeffery to take snaps away from Fulgham is malpractice.

Jalen Hurts

👎 -- So much for giving Hurts an entire series. The most Pederson could commit to was one play with Wentz on the sideline. Hurts hit Jeffery for 6 yards -- at that point in the second quarter the longest play for the Eagles.

Alex Singleton and Rodney McLeod

👍 -- The linebacker and safety brought the thunder early. Singleton made a huge third-down stop against the run to set up the Barnett tackle for loss. And McLeod was flying all around.

Dallas Goedert

🤷‍♂️ -- The tight end had his best game in two months. Wentz and Goedert seemed to be hitting on all cylinders -- until they had a miscommunication and Wentz threw behind his receiver for a rally-killing interception.