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NFL picks Week 4: Vegas Vic talks Da Bears and their new QB

You know who we mean. No. 9. Saint Nick. He’s back and loaded ... for Bears.

Bears quarterback Nick Foles (9) looks downfield against the Falcons on Sunday. The former Eagles QB led the Bears on a dramatic fourth-quarter rally to win the game.
Bears quarterback Nick Foles (9) looks downfield against the Falcons on Sunday. The former Eagles QB led the Bears on a dramatic fourth-quarter rally to win the game.Read moreBrynn Anderson / AP

Sure, we’ll be watching Carson Wentz on Sunday night for signs that he’s snapping out of whatever he’s in. But the Eagles quarterback won’t be the only QB on the 2017 Philly title team on whom we’ll be keeping an eye.

Old pal Nick Foles starts for the Bears against the visiting Colts on Sunday, and Vegas Vic likes No. 9 and the home underdog in this game.

Here is how Vic and our staff see the weekend playing out:

Games are Sunday, unless noted

49ERS (7) Eagles (45.5), 8:20 p.m. (NBC)

Check out these numbers, and tell me if you’re gonna go with your heart (the Igles) or your head (the Niners). You all know that we love Carson WentzSYLVANIA. After all, we gave him the name. But lemme throw a seven at you, the number of INTs in his last three seasons. Lemme throw a six at you, the number of INTs in three games so far! Lemme throw out a 77.2, a 62.6, and a 64.8. Carson’s QB rating the last three years. Lemme throw a 35.5 at you. His rating so far this season. Totally understand the enormous number of injuries, but c’mon. Next man up. San Francisco has an injury list longer than my arm, and at 6-feet-4, it’s quite an arm. The Niners didn’t even have their starting QB last week, Jimmy Garoppolo, but they still smoked the N.Y. Giants, 36-9, with future Hall of Famer Nick Mullens (25-36 for 343 yards) under center. San Fran knows how to beat up on bad teams, and I’m sorry to say that, at this moment, the Birds are a bad team. Literally taking a few coins out of the piggy bank for a Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Birds. However, Over might be worth a taste. – Vegas Vic

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: 49ers

  2. Les Bowen: 49ers

  3. Paul Domowitch: 49ers

  4. Marcus Hayes: 49ers (Best Bet)

  5. Jeff McLane: 49ers (Best Bet)

  6. EJ Smith: 49ers

  7. Vegas Vic: Eagles

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Colts (2.5) BEARS (43.5), 1 p.m.

Nick Foles is only 31 years old. Philip Rivers is 38 years old. Edge Nick. Foles has one kid. Rivers has nine! Edge, YUGE EDGE, Old Man Rivers. Nick the Quick brought the Bears back from a 26-10 deficit, and posted a 30-26 W. Chicago coach Matt Nagy named Foles the starting QB, and with a sweet 11-3-1 run as a home underdog, my money is all over Da Bears.

Staff picks:

Saints (4) LIONS (54.5), 1 p.m.

Drew Brees never minds packing a bag as New Orleans has covered seven of the last eight on the road.

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Saints

  2. Les Bowen: Lions

  3. Paul Domowitch: Lions

  4. Marcus Hayes: Saints

  5. Jeff McLane: Saints

  6. EJ Smith: Saints

  7. Vegas Vic: Saints

Cardinals (3.5) PANTHERS (51.5), 1 p.m.

If you’re looking for a trend that has hit at 90%, stop here, because Arizona has covered 9 of the last 10 on the road.

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Cardinals

  2. Les Bowen: Cardinals

  3. Paul Domowitch: Cardinals

  4. Marcus Hayes: Cardinals

  5. Jeff McLane: Panthers

  6. EJ Smith: Panthers

  7. Vegas Vic: Cardinals

BENGALS (3) Jaguars (49), 1 p.m.

Going with the Tiger King over The Mustache. Joe Burreaux over Gardner Minshew. Last week, we called Burrow an ATM, and he did not disappoint. Cincy covered the spread in an ugly 23-23 knot, and that put my man Joe B. at 11-3-2 the last year and change. So just gonna keep riding the Gumbo man. Like any other rookie, it has been a mixed bag for Burrow, but the numbers are pretty sweet. He is hitting on 64.5% of his passes, has gobbled up 821 yards, with 5 TDs and only 1 INT. We saw the Igles pressure him last week and create eight sacks. Big ouch. But don’t think the Bengals have that much to worry about since Jacksonville is next to last in the league with just three sacks. And even with all that pressure, Burreaux was able to hit on 31-of-44 for 312 yards with 2 TDs and ZERO INTs. This kid is special, and this kid is money, which is why there’s only one thing left to say. This is my best bet, BAABBEEE!!!

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Bengals

  2. Les Bowen: Bengals

  3. Paul Domowitch: Bengals

  4. Marcus Hayes: Bengals

  5. Jeff McLane: Jaguars

  6. EJ Smith: Jaguars (Best Bet)

  7. Vegas Vic: Bengals (Best Bet)

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COWBOYS (4.5) Browns (56), 1 p.m.

Dallas has given up a whopping 33 points per game, and The Baker has enough offensive tools to make us some dough.

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Browns

  2. Les Bowen: Cowboys

  3. Paul Domowitch: Browns (Best Bet)

  4. Marcus Hayes: Cowboys

  5. Jeff McLane: Browns

  6. EJ Smith: Cowboys

  7. Vegas Vic: Browns

TEXANS (4) Vikings (54.5), 1 p.m.

Understand that Houston head coach Bill O’Brien has made some strange decisions, like trading away DeAndre Hopkins, but gimme a second. The Texans might be 0-3, but let’s look at the teams they’ve played. We’re talking Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers. Minny is giving up over 440 yards and 34 points per game, while QB Captain Kirk Cousins has more INTs, 6, than TDs, 5. Deshaun Watson will find his first win and cover deep in the heart of Texas.

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Vikings

  2. Les Bowen: Texans

  3. Paul Domowitch: Texans

  4. Marcus Hayes: Texans

  5. Jeff McLane: Texans

  6. EJ Smith: Texans

  7. Vegas Vic: Texans

Seahawks (6.5) DOLPHINS (53.5), 1 p.m.

Not for the win, but the Fish, and I am a Fisherterian, have been very profitable, covering 11 of the last 14.

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Seahawks (Best Bet)

  2. Les Bowen: Seahawks

  3. Paul Domowitch: Seahawks

  4. Marcus Hayes: Seahawks

  5. Jeff McLane: Seahawks

  6. EJ Smith: Seahawks

  7. Vegas Vic: Dolphins

BUCCANEERS (7) Chargers (43.5), 1 p.m.

Not really a big fan of Tom Brady, but heard that he’s a pretty good QB. Knows how to manage a game, and has a few rings. But we’re looking on the other side of the team, at the Tampa defense that gets lost in all the TB12 chatter. The Bucs D has been, let’s say close to ferocious under coordinator Todd Bowles, allowing 4.7 yards per play (2nd lowest in the NFL), and posting 6 takeaways (2nd in the league).

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Chargers

  2. Les Bowen: Buccaneers

  3. Paul Domowitch: Chargers

  4. Marcus Hayes: Buccaneers

  5. Jeff McLane: Chargers

  6. EJ Smith: Chargers

  7. Vegas Vic: Buccaneers

Steelers at Titans, ppd.

Postponed due to positive coronavirus tests among Titans’ players and staff.

Ravens (13) WASHINGTON (45.5), 1 p.m.

Do you think double digits scare me? Nah. The talent differential is wider than the Gulf of Mexico, or any other Gulf you care to name, and, more importantly, Baltimore has covered 11 of the last 14 (79%).

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Ravens

  2. Les Bowen: Ravens

  3. Paul Domowitch: Ravens

  4. Marcus Hayes: Ravens

  5. Jeff McLane: Ravens

  6. EJ Smith: Ravens

  7. Vegas Vic: Ravens

RAMS (12.5) Giants (48), 4:05 p.m.

Wow! Two gigantic double-digit favorites back-to-back. Why not? Los Angeles has covered 7 of the last 8 as double-digit favs, while the NYG have dropped 13 of the last 15 games. Wanna try L.A. on the money line at $750? Hit it!

Staff picks:

CHIEFS (7) Patriots (53.5), 4:25 p.m. (CBS3)

Kaycee is amazing, and no one is gonna stop 'em. But maybe Double B can contain 'em, or at least cover a TD.

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Chiefs

  2. Les Bowen: Chiefs

  3. Paul Domowitch: Chiefs

  4. Marcus Hayes: Chiefs

  5. Jeff McLane: Patriots

  6. EJ Smith: Patriots

  7. Vegas Vic: Patriots

Bills (3) RAIDERS (52.5), 4:25 p.m.

Not really thrilled with this game, but would recommend the Over, since both teams are a combined 6-0 to the HIGH side.

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Raiders

  2. Les Bowen: Raiders

  3. Paul Domowitch: Raiders

  4. Marcus Hayes: Raiders

  5. Jeff McLane: Raiders

  6. EJ Smith: Bills

  7. Vegas Vic: Bills


PACKERS (7) Falcons (57), 8:15 p.m. (ESPN)

We’ve seen this movie before. Atlanta builds a YUGE lead, blows it, and Green Bay comes back to squeeze out a W, but just by six.

Staff picks:

  1. Ed Barkowitz: Falcons

  2. Les Bowen: Packers (Best Bet)

  3. Paul Domowitch: Packers

  4. Marcus Hayes: Packers

  5. Jeff McLane: Falcons

  6. EJ Smith: Packers

  7. Vegas Vic: Packers


Broncos (1) JETS (40)

Broncos 37, Jets 28

Staff picks:


Entering Week 4/Best bets in parentheses

  1. EJ Smith (1-2), 29-19, .604

  2. Les Bowen (2-1), 26-22, .542

  3. Vegas Vic (0-3), 26-22, .542

  4. Marcus Hayes (2-1), 25-23, .521

  5. Jeff McLane (3-0), 24-24, .500

  6. Paul Domowitch (2-1), 24-24, .500

  7. Ed Barkowitz (1-2), 22-26, .458

Last week

  1. EJ Smith (1-0), 10-6, .625

  2. Paul Domowitch (1-0), 9-7, .563

  3. Jeff McLane (1-0), 9-7, .563

  4. Marcus Hayes (1-0), 8-8, .500

  5. Ed Barkowitz (1-0), 7-9, .438

  6. Vegas Vic (0-1), 7-9, .438

  7. Les Bowen (0-1), 7-9, .438

Picking Eagles’ games

Ed Barkowitz 3-0, Marcus Hayes 3-0, Les Bowen 2-1, EJ Smith 2-1, Paul Domowitch 1-2, Vegas Vic 1-2, Jeff McLane 0-3.