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Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick tests positive for COVID-19

The "Good Day Philadelphia" coanchor announced his test result on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

"Good Day Philadelphia" coanchor Mike Jerrick, alone at the desk in March so he and coanchor Alex Holley could maintain social distance.
"Good Day Philadelphia" coanchor Mike Jerrick, alone at the desk in March so he and coanchor Alex Holley could maintain social distance.Read moreVINCENT DeFRUSCIO / Fox 29

Good Day Philadelphia coanchor Mike Jerrick was on vacation from the station last week, but this week he’s home after testing positive for COVID-19.

Jerrick announced his test result on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon in a post with a picture taken of one of the windows of his Center City high-rise.

“My view for a while,” he wrote. “Thanks for reaching out asking, ‘where am I?’ I’m right here on my couch. On vacation last week. But out sick this week. Yes, I’ve tested positive for Covid. After reporting on this nightmare for 9 months, and trying my best to avoid it, I now join the millions who know the real fear of this virus. Quarantine will give me lots of time to get better, and appreciate all of you even more.”

Jerrick, who is 70, went on to urge his followers to “please continue to heed those calls — social distance, stay home if you can, wear a mask, and protect the ones you love. That’s what I’m going to do, especially my coworkers.”

Jerrick’s post did not say whether he was experiencing symptoms or just quarantining.

In an interview with The Inquirer this past summer, Jerrick spoke about how the pandemic had already changed him.

Before, “I was going out up to four nights a week to make public appearances,” he said. “Mostly it was about promoting the show. I had a built-in excuse to go out. The truth was I always looked to go out to get away from myself. I wanted to stay busy, instead of sitting at home. Now I’m forced to hang with myself. I’m visiting a lot with my children with Zoom: my two daughters, my children and grandchildren. We are all closer now because of quarantine.”

In an interview last spring, he talked about the challenges of maintaining on-air chemistry with his coanchor, Alex Holley, while remaining a safe distance apart.

“I miss her,” he said of the arrangement that at the time had Holley at home and Jerrick in the studio. But “as the pandemic gets worse and worse and worse, it just seemed like a better idea.”

More recently, Holley and Jerrick have both been broadcasting from Fox 29, but seated at desks that a station spokesperson estimated to be 20 to 30 feet apart. In Jerrick’s absence, 4-6 a.m. anchor Thomas Drayton is filling in.