The Eagles’ season may be over, but fandom lasts forever, as one The Price is Right contestant proved this week.

On Tuesday’s show, contestant Brian gave the Birds a shoutout while spinning “The Big Wheel” ahead of advancing to the episode’s Showcase Showdown. During his turn, Brian showed that he bleeds green by lifting his Price Is Right t-shirt up to reveal an Eagles T-shirt underneath and letting out a healthy “Go Birds!”

Normally, regular viewers will note, that time is typically reserved for contestants to give their best to their family and friends back home. But Brian’s Eagles shoutout must have been good luck, considering he took home more than $40,000 in prizes by the episode’s conclusion.

Brian’s Birds callout is the third major one on a game show recently. Earlier this month, Jeopardy! contestant Brad Rutter used “Eagles Super Bowl LII Champs” as his response in a round of Final Jeopardy, along with a wager of 4,133 points as a reference to the Eagles’ winning score against the New England Patriots in 2018.

And, back in September, Yardley Borough Police Department officer Adam Clark had his own reference to the Birds’ Super Bowl LII score on Jeopardy! In Clark’s appearance, he wagered $4,133, but ultimately provided the wrong answer for the clue.

Still, though, even if you get it wrong, showing your love for the Birds on national TV is at least a small victory for true diehards.