For a second year, the coronavirus has forced the cancellation of Center City District Sips, the Wednesday happy-hour promotion that would have begun in June at 100-plus bars and restaurants.

In a statement provided to The Inquirer, the district cited “the continuing uncertainty about when Philadelphia restaurants and bars will be permitted to fully open indoors, as well as current health and safety guidelines limiting the number of people who can safely gather in public spaces.”

Last week, Philadelphia — which has some of the most stringent rules governing restaurants — tweaked some restrictions on restaurants, including allowing bar seating and rescinding the 50-person outdoor dining cap, as long as restaurants submit a plan to the city. Although the city has held firm with its mask mandates, Philadelphians are making their own decisions about whether to mask.

The CCD is working to promote local businesses through print, digital, and social media marketing, including a list of restaurants and bars and their dining options.

Sips, which would have marked its 18th year in 2021, has been a lightning rod for opinions as it filled the bars and outdoor areas with thousands of patrons. In 2019, The Inquirer invited two bar owners to debate the pros and cons.