Drexel Hill’s Kevin “Steek” Cooper’s food fascination began at age 9 when his mother gave him a jar of generic peanut butter and he made peanut butter cookies. Which would have been a good thing — had he not made them daily. His family begged him to switch it up.

Now, Cooper is one of seven contestants on the Food Network series Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime, whose prize is the keys to a franchise location of Fieri’s Chicken Guy! chain.

The hour-long show, running six weeks, premiered at 9 p.m. Sunday; the series is also streaming on Discovery+. It follows the contestants as they learn the ropes of operating a fast-food restaurant, with no weekly eliminations.

Cooper attended JNA Institute of Culinary Arts in South Philadelphia, where he was valedictorian. An Army veteran (and current member of the National Guard) who caters under the name Succulent Imagination, Cooper has done TV before. He won an episode in 2017 of the Food Network series Cooks vs. Cons, where home cooks competed against pros. He also competed on Food Network Canada’s Fire Masters.