Dan Gutter, whose pizza reputation spread from a modest bar concession at W/N W/N to shops in Kensington and South Philadelphia in just a year and a half, is moving up with a third venue.

Gutter has taken a supply of 9-inch pizza pans to the Northern Liberties bar Bourbon & Branch (705 N. Second St.), owned by Alex Carbonell, who is also Gutter’s business partner in Circles + Squares in Kensington and Pizza Plus in South Philadelphia.

Gutter’s pizza program, now with alcoholic beverages behind it, starts Wednesday, July 29, at Bourbon & Branch with takeout and modest outdoor dining.

Bourbon & Branch is paring down its menu as the pizzas begin. It will settle into about 10 appetizers, a burger, wings, a chicken Parm sandwich, and vegan selections. The menu was not available Tuesday.

Pizzas will be $10 for a tomato, $12 for a cheese, and $14 for a white, with $1 to $3 additional for about 15 toppings; vegan cheese is available. There will be five specials at a time, such as Buffalo chicken and chorizo and queso.