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The logistics of vaccines for younger kids | Coronavirus Newsletter

Plus, boosters rise, but some still haven’t received first shots

Signage at a drugstore on Torresdale Avenue.
Signage at a drugstore on Torresdale Avenue.Read moreTOM GRALISH / Staff Photographer

The gist: With approval of vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11 expected soon, health officials are confronting yet another battery of logistical issues. How many doses will be available, and when? And how quickly can Pennsylvania and New Jersey get pediatric practices registered to administer the shots?

— Anthony R. Wood (@woodt15,

In advance of the anticipated FDA approval, shipments of vaccine doses for kids 5 to 11 could begin arriving Monday or Tuesday, a Pennsylvania health official says. The FDA affirmed Pfizer’s finding that the kid doses are better than 90% effective. They will be a third of the adult dosages and will be administered with smaller needles. Here’s the latest on how Philadelphia-area providers are preparing, and more to know about shots for younger kids:

  1. An FDA advisory panel agreed that the vaccine benefits outweighed the risks, moving Pfizer’s kid vaccine a step closer to approval.

  2. Rival manufacturer Moderna, meanwhile, says its low-dose shots work for children 6 to 11 years old.

  3. Questions about vaccines for kids? Here are some answers, and email us if you have other questions.

What you need to know:

💉 Demand for booster shots across the region has been modest but rising. But first things first: They are more in demand than those initial shots that the boosters are supposed to boost.

👩‍⚕️ Anxieties, depression, financial problems have all been part of the pandemic’s collateral damage. These physicians offer valuable advice about how we can prevail and re-emerge healthy.

🍰 During the last 20 months, many of us no doubt have been consuming more calories than we’ve been burning. That doesn’t have to continue. Flexibility is the key.

🍴 The Restaurant Revitalization Fund not only was underfunded and oversubscribed, but the pie was not divided evenly. Here is what our reporters found.

🎡 Remember the New York couple who attacked a Sesame Place worker during a face-mask confrontation? They were sentenced to prison.

Local coronavirus numbers

📈 On a positive note, no New Jersey counties have reported increases in daily case trends in the last two weeks. Track the latest data here.

Helpful resources

  1. Here’s what to expect if you get a breakthrough COVID-19 infection.

  2. Places where can you get a COVID-19 test in the Philly area.

  3. The dos and don’ts when it comes to laminating a vaccine card.

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