Last month, West Chester native Bam Margera reached out for help from Dr. Phil McGraw in a series of rambling Instagram posts, and secured an hours-long sit down with television psychologist.

Now, an episode of Dr. Phil featuring Margera’s meeting will air on Monday, Sept. 9 as part of the show’s 18th season, according to a promo obtained by TMZ.

“When I see a young man that’s in trouble and asking for help,” McGraw tells Margera in the clip, “my ears prick up.”

Filmed last month without a studio audience, the session included appearances from Margera’s wife, Nikki, and his mother, April, who participated via a video call. Margera’s mother had particularly strong words for the Jackass star, telling him that he is “addicted to drama and entitlement.”

“I don’t want to talk to you ever again,” Margera replies in the clip.

McGraw, meanwhile, tells Margera that his behavior toward wife Nikki is “purely abusive” after the Viva la Bam star yells at her, saying she doesn’t “follow rules.”

For however explosive the session was, McGraw convinced Margera to check into a rehabilitation facility. However, that initial stay was short-lived, with Margera ultimately checking out and being arrested at a Los Angeles-area hotel for trespassing.

He then checked back into the rehab, but again left shortly afterward, and was found drinking at a bar, according to TMZ. Currently, Margera is undergoing treatment at Wavelengths Recovery Center in Huntingdon Beach, Calif., in what is his third rehab attempt in the past month.

Since then, Margera appears to have committed more fully to staying clean, but was hospitalized late last month to treat a bout of edema that he said in a since-deleted post on Instagram was a result of “reaction to new medicine or detoxing” from alcohol.

Margera discussed his recent attempts at rehab in an appearance this week on fellow pro skater Andy Roy’s Ripride podcast. Roy, who hosts Viceland’s King of the Road, appeared at Margera’s massive party at Castle Bam in Pocopson Township last year.

“I highly plan on 100% staying sober,” Margera said.

Margera’s appearance on Ripride is below. Please watch at your own discretion, as the episode contains foul language.