Philadelphia Police on Tuesday identified the officer who fatally shot a man in Germantown last week, as well as three other officers who fired shots during the episode, which authorities said began when the man shot at several people in the neighborhood and killed a 19-year-old woman during an attempted carjacking.

The officer who fired the shots that fatally struck 29-year-old Stanley Cochran was Officer James Vinson, police said, a three-year veteran of the department assigned to the 14th District.

Police said the others who fired while pursuing the rifle-carrying Cochran were all assigned to the 14th District, as well: Officer Lilli Leonardis, a one-year veteran, Officer Ancelo Ibrahimi, a two-year veteran, and Officer Lee McInerney, who has been on the force for 10 years.

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Police have said the events preceding the shooting of Cochran began about 3 a.m. Oct. 8, when Cochran entered St. Luke’s Episcopal Church carrying a gun, confronted a woman he knew who lived in the rectory, and told the woman he wanted to kill someone. He then demanded food and money for up to an hour before firing a shot at the woman that missed and stealing her car, according to police.

Police said Cochran later crashed the woman’s Kia Spectra near Chelten Avenue, then tried to carjack two women driving separate cars. The first would-be victim was able to drive away in reverse, police said. But they said Cochran then shot and killed 19-year-old Skylar Owens-Mooney, whom he did not know and who was driving an Infiniti sedan. A man in her car was also shot, in the back, police said.

As Cochran tried to run away, police said, Leonardis and Ibrahimi saw him near Greene and Armat Streets and told him to put his Mini Draco rifle down. Cochran, police said, “ignored their commands” and walked toward them, and the officers shot at him. He ran away and into Vernon Park, police said.

McInerney then saw Cochran on Germantown Avenue, police said, and took cover behind a building. Police said that Cochran ignored McInerney’s orders to drop his gun, and that McInerney fired at Cochran, who fired back.

Cochran then tried to steal McInerney’s police cruiser, authorities said. McInerney fired again at Cochran, police said, at which point Vinson arrived, saw Cochran carrying his gun, and fired at Cochran, striking him several times.

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He was taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center and declared dead at 4:36 a.m., police said.

Police said Tuesday that the case remains under investigation. They have also said that homicide detectives are investigating whether Cochran had committed a double homicide in West Oak Lane days before he was killed. They have not definitively said whether they believe Cochran was the person who committed that crime.