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Unions are coming to Philly’s food scene. How will its small business owners respond?

🎤 And now, I’m passing the mic to reporter Jenn Ladd to present her deeply reported story on the people of the food scene.

I’ve been talking to service-industry workers about working conditions for months, and while some had interest in unionizing, far more expressed skepticism that bars and restaurants could organize. There’s been good reason for that skepticism: Pandemic-era efforts to organize fizzled at places like Dock Street and Cake Life Bake Shop. But the current push to organize Philly’s food scene feels different, in part because it’s more formal.

Workers at Korshak Bagels and Good Karma Cafe have formed unions recognized by the National Labor Relations Board, as have workers at The Wayward restaurant and its adjoining hotel. Old City Coffee organizers narrowly lost a vote to unionize last month, and five Philly Starbucks stores will vote soon.

I wanted to take a look at why employees want to unionize, why small business owners are resistant to it, and whether there’s a way both parties might benefit from organizing.

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