I’m Evan Weiss, an Inquirer editor filling in for Kerith. Yesterday was a beautifully mild day, reaching 70 degrees, but today we’ll only hit the high 30s. Why? We’ll get into it, but essentially, Philly’s weather has been topsy-turvy lately and that’s not going to slow down.

We’ll also check in with the families who lost their homes during Hurricane Ida and are still stuck in hotel rooms six months later.

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Philly’s weather has been topsy-turvy. Get used to it.

It’s been cold then warm then cold then warm and now we’re in the midst of a brand-new cold front. Roller-coaster temperatures are common this time of year as we approach spring, but they’re not usually this extreme.

About one in four days from January through April sees a high temperature 10 degrees higher or lower than the previous day.

“It certainly can be crazy and jumpy,” said Dave Dombek, a senior meteorologist at AccuWeather Inc. And if temperatures drop by 30 degrees or more between Wednesday and Thursday, as predicted, this month will have a fifth daily high-temperature change of 20 degrees or more. That many big swings in one month has happened only nine times since 1874.

On top of all of that, our reporters Aseem Shukla and Anthony R. Wood (“AccuTony”) say we can expect more peaks and valleys to come.

What you should know today

These families lost their homes in Hurricane Ida. They’re stuck in hotels six months later.

As the six-month anniversary of the storm approaches, hundreds of people whose homes were damaged or destroyed by record-breaking floods are still piecing their lives back together.

Of 302 households put up in hotels by Montgomery and Chester Counties, 182 have found housing or returned to their repaired homes. The remaining 120 have no inhabitable home to return to. And that number doesn’t include displaced families who aren’t staying in the county-funded hotels.

“I feel like I’m stuck,” said Jennifer Sexton, who has been living at a King of Prussia hotel with her children since September. “I feel like I’m in a hole and I can’t get out of it. And it breaks my heart, because I’m trying.”

Our reporter Justine McDaniel digs deeper into what it looks like for these people who long for their homes.

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The James Beard Awards are back after a two-year hiatus. Philly-area restaurants have won a number of awards in the past, but how many local semifinalists made the list this year? Find the answer here.

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d. 17

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