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Political Cartoon: Ticketing Trump’s bad driving

Daily takes from Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Signe Wilkinson.

Were any laws broken?
Were any laws broken?Read moreSigne Wilkinson

Really, we liberals are dense. We don’t get why conservatives stick with President Trump. He does so much for so many. We don’t give him credit for his deep reverence for his marital vows, his loyalty to our allies the Kurds in Syria, his clarion call in support of democracies like Russia, his forthright denunciations of racism, his Christian kindness towards the stranger, and his abiding respect for women. We keep writing him tickets thinking all this is behavior is somehow besmirching our country’s values. We’ll see if writing one more for his “not a quid pro quo” dealings with the Ukraine will be different. So far, I’m guessing that only the 2020 ballot box will tell.

Editorial cartoons from this week include: