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Political Cartoon: Fiona Hill stands up to Donald Trump

Daily takes from Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Signe Wilkinson.

Trump goes toe-to-toe with the truth.
Trump goes toe-to-toe with the truth.Read moreSigne Wilkinson

Fiona Hill is one tough chick. I want her on my team. In fact, she is on my team (and our team) because she’s on the team protecting the interests of the United States of America in Eastern Europe. Her testimony at last week’s hearings investigating whether Donald Trump and his unhelpful attack dog, Rudy Giuliani, interfered in Ukrainian affairs was bracing for its clear, unambiguous, muscular defense of above-board American policy towards that struggling nation and a condemnation of the President’s attempts to inject his own, partisan interests. The Republicans on the House committee and their President tried to stand toe-to-toe with her and to the other similarly impressive Ukraine experts from the Defense and State Departments who testified. Their mistake.

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