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Political Cartoon: The Impeachment Jury

Daily takes from Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Signe Wilkinson.

We the Impeachers
We the ImpeachersRead moreSigne Wilkinson

Who has time to listen to the impeachment hearings live? Unlike journalists, pollsters, Congressional aides and the occasional cartoonist, most of us aren’t being paid to listen to Gordon Sondland say that there was an explicit “quid pro quo”. Fortunately, traffic is so bad in so many places, there’s time in the car or bus going home to listen to selected clips chosen by the radio station whose political leanings we each already agree with. As a result, Americans mostly say there’s not much that’s going to change their already made-up minds about impeachment. Apparently actual impeachment won’t even change our minds. A verdict will ultimately be rendered on the President’s misbehavior. See you at the polls next November 3.

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