If you live in Philadelphia long enough, you come to understand that Philadelphians can figure out a way to screw up an election no matter what system is used. Just two months ago, our primary election mail-in ballots, what Democrats have touted as the greatest advance for democracy in our lifetimes, took a week to be tallied. Personally, I doubt there’s enough gin in the entire PA liquor store system to get me through a week wondering whether we re-elected Donald Trump.

Granted, in-person voting isn’t felon-proof. Our former Congressman Michael “Ozzie” Myers of Abscam fame was charged last month with bribing an election official to “add votes” (commonly known as “stuffing the ballot box”) in previous elections for three candidates. Given the choice between a catastrophic avalanche of mail-in ballots that might not get counted before inauguration day, and the rarely occurring Ozzie Myers, I’ll take standing in line to make sure my ballot is marked the way I want it and delivered promptly to be counted.

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