There aren’t many people these days willing to defend Sixers star Ben Simmons.

Unfortunately, he only has himself to blame.

Simmons was kicked out of practice and suspended a game ahead of the team’s season opener on Wednesday night. On Thursday, he reportedly claimed to have back problems (though he was cleared by the medical staff) and told the team he’s not in the right place mentally to suit up for Friday night’s home opener.

Of course, Simmons doesn’t want to be here. After his lackluster performance in the playoffs last season, Simmons has demanded to be traded out of Philadelphia and put all his local homes for sale. Unfortunately for all parties, the Sixers haven’t yet found a suitable trading partner willing to give up a player of his caliber.

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Don’t expect a deal to materialize anytime soon.

“This could take four years,” Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey said on 97.5 The Fanatic Thursday. “The conditions I pointed out to you don’t change unless Ben Simmons is traded for a difference-maker. We are in the prime of Joel’s career ... So this could be four years.”

Sixers teammate Tobias Harris issued a statement of support on Twitter Friday after Simmons said he needed more time, but public backing of the malcontent star has been hard to find. About the only regular defender Simmons has these days is former Eagles defender Emmanuel Acho, who has taken to contorting himself like a pretzel on FS1′s Speak For Yourself.

Acho has laughably claimed it’s Sixers fans who are to blame for the current situation, forgetting how loudly they cheered when Simmons attempted three pointers or notched his third triple-double in the playoffs last season.

“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth,” Acho said, a misapplied proverb that was widely panned by fans and media figures in Philadelphia.

By Thursday, even Acho had changed his tune slightly, thanks to all the feedback he received from Sixers fans.

“My advice for Ben Simmons is very simple — speak to the media… and then never show your face in Philly again. Period,” Acho said. “Ben Simmons, I come to your defense, and they cussing me out like I missed free throws. I got Twitter on my neck like I’m the one who shot 20 percent from the free throw line in the playoffs.”

Here are a couple of my recent Ben Simmons cartoons. Expect more in the days (and possibly years?) to come: