My big blue recycling bin was feeling neglected and unpopular. It sat out on the street day in and day out hoping to get picked up by a big, strong, handsome sanitation worker. Day after day, no one paid any attention whatsoever. When the sanitation workers of our dreams came by and picked up the trash, I had to finally accept that there was just too much darned competition on our block alone, not to mention the rest of the city, for them to get to our “recycling,” which mostly ends up in the incinerator.

How about thinking more of those workers? Who would want to pick up the piles of soggy cardboard with Amazon swooshes or bulging bags with used plastic takeout containers, forks, and cups splayed all over the sidewalks, gutters, and streets? My recycling bin and I are eager for that pickup day to come, but in the meantime are trying to minimize the trash adding to those piles. And never order from Amazon.

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