WASHINGTON -- Utah Sen. Mike Lee questioned whether a combined Comcast-Time Warner would have added power to discriminate against conservative views as the Senate Judiciary Committee opened a hearing on the merger.

"Considering the significant share of the video and internet market Comcat has, and considering the well-known political leanings of NBC, I've heard concern that Comcast might have the incentive and the ability to discriminate against certain political content, including, for example, conservative political content, and that capacity could be signficnatly enhanced as a result of this transaction,"  Lee, one of the Senate's most conservative members, said  in his opening statement.

MSNBC has become an openly liberal answer to Fox News.

Lee's comments came at the end of a statement that otherwise raised general questions about the power and reach of a combined Comcast-Time Warner.

"It's essential that we apply proper economic analysis and ground our conclusions in the evidence before us by ensuring that we protect competition, rather than trying to protect any individual company or competitor from competition," Lee concluded.

Comcast officials did not have a chance to immediately respond.

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