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Eagles: 3 things to watch vs. Jets

Here's what I'll be watching Thursday night in North Jersey. Please hold your applause until the end of the blog post. Thank you.

Three things to watch in Thursday's Eagles at Jets preseason game:

1. Secondary education: After this, we'll probably know whether Nate Allen or Earl Wolff is the safety opposite Patrick Chung (unless the third-party-candidacy of David Sims makes spectacular gains against the Jets). We'll also see if the cornerback corps is so depleted by injury, Billy Davis sends G.J. Kinne out to backpedal; hey, the Eagles have been using their No. 5 QB as a blocking dummy in special teams drills. In general, watch all the safeties and corners with one eye on who might be cut elsewhere this weekend.

2. No Fall Folesiage? Better catch him now: If Michael Vick stays healthy (yeah, I know, just pretend it's possible), you probably won't see Nick Foles play quarterback again anytime soon, so get a good look tonight. Matt Barkley, even moreso.

3. Oh, Danny Boy (the CFL , the CFL is calllllinnng): My thinking is that Danny Watkins PROBABLY will be one of three healthy o-line subs on the Eagles' 53-man roster, along with Allen Barbre and Julian Vandervelde (I'm assuming there's also a ninth guy, Dennis Kelly, who is still recovering from back surgery.) I might be wrong. Regardless, it's completely absurd that a 2011 first-round pick is scrapping for a roster spot behind Allen Barbre. Still waiting to see that the chance to play in the NFL means something to Danny, that this is his passion. Watkins has the talent to play in the NFL, and play well, but pro football is very much about want-to.